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Friday, January 26, 2007

sock it to me...

Don't want to be called un-australian, so here is Google's ode to today, that I think is rather cute:And on to the knitting...

Brenda's socks - this one spoke to me and said it would like to be an anklet. Or perhaps I was getting a little bored of the pattern repeat and wanted to make sure I would get a second sock out of me... either way, this make for an adorable sock.

And the merino-cashmere is oh so comfortable. I want to wear it now... all the time...

And Brenda - I love the way this pattern looks, it is satisfying to have one sock complete, but man, those cables are just hard work!

No... I haven't finished an xmas stocking - this is sock numero uno of the Sasquatch variety.

I used some kitchen scales to split the yarn into two equal sized balls, so hopefully I won't be wasting any yarn and these will be maximum length.

I am using Lana Grossa Mega Boots Stretch, and have to say it is one of the softest feeling commercial sock yarns I have knit with. It is a 6ply, but it feels cushier and thicker when knit up than the ONline I have used previously - perhaps this is the Lycra content of the yarn?

I also really like the way that the colour subtly changes through the spectrum as you knit and you get those gradual stripes. It was hard to get a decent photo of how the yarn changes colour, but trust me, it is gorgeous (in a socks-for-a-man-who-only-ever-wears-holeproof-heroes)

Here is the spotty ladybug sock, having made a complete recovery from the savage dog attack.

I also stopped in at Tapestry Craft to get new 15cm bamboo DPNs that Pierre will never, ever get to touch. (Does anywhere else in Sydney stock 15cm DPNs? How about ones with some really sharp points so that it makes cables easier? I really like the look of the knit-picks DPNs - but they aren't playing the game here in Oz)

And completely un-sock related, I have started the front of my loopy mohair trim sweater. So far it is exactly the same as the back....


nikki said...

I just received my order of The Knittery's cashmere merino sock yarn. I've noticed you're knitting socks with it, too. How do you plan on washing them? The label says to hand wash, but, on the other hand, the website says the yarn is not suitable for felting and has 20% nylon content.