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Monday, January 15, 2007

thank-you Mr Postie...

... for delivering my SP9 package #2...

...containing all of these goodies....

- some funky ceramic xmas mugs (that I think will hold a pint... at least)

- American candy (reeses, kisses, hershies, milkdud - its a chocoholic's heaven)

- yummy pampering bath bombs and lip balms and...

- some gorgeous handpainted merino yarn (hand wash only - perhaps a hint to knit myself, rather than the men in my life, some socks?) this colourway is called "Earth Day" by Sunshine Yarns.

Oh... and some tootsie rolls (that I think Pierre is keen to run away with - but remember little puppy, "Mowm says chocolate isn't good for dawgs!")

And I have a confession. I have start-itis.

I bought some super-thick sock yarn from Rubi&Lana on saturday (where I met jenwren for the first time - more detail on her and kate's blogs), and have begun some Sasquatch socks for someone (not Tuffers or my dad) to wear with work boots

And the desire to knit something flat came over me last night, so I have started my loopy-mohair trim sweater. Naughty Naughty Ginge! That is what? 9 projects on the go now?