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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

chicken legs and duck feet

Another finished object - yes, I am on fire this year...

These are Tuffer's xmas socks #3 that I didn't finish on NYE. The ankles and feet look disproportionate (like chicken legs and duck feet - hence the title of the post) because the ankle in completed in 3x3 rib - Tuffers has high arches and was having a little trouble getting the ankle of the sock past his heel. I increased 8 stitches round the ankle and switched to rib so am hoping this might rectify this problem.

The orange looks a bit bright here, but these colours are 'manly' enough for Tuffers. Due to the colours, and the fact you cannot get the real-deal Tiger striping sock, these have been renamed as Tuffers' Almost Tiger socks

THE STATS (in which I blatently copy Wendy)
Name: Tuffers' Almost Tiger socks
Pattern: WGTUP - slightly modified to include that super stretchy ankle ribbing
Yarn: Opal petticoat (don't tell Tuffers it has such a girly name)
Yarn source: Wildpurl
Needles: Tulip Bamboo DPNs 2.75mm (15cm long)
Completed: 02 January 2007

I spent a bit of time playing around with new blogger last night (sorry if you get old posts in your feeds) and was up past Pierre's bedtime. He crashed out in my lap, and didn't even stir when I reached for the camera to take a picture. He has been causing lots of trouble at Mum's (he keeps stealing items from her panda collection - obviously has an affinity for the black and white) so it was a nice change for him to be so quiet.


abe-hap said...

hope you and Pierre had a great New Years :)

Taphophile said...

Almost Tiger is a perfect name for the socks - I hope they fit beautifully with the modifications.

Pierre and the Pandas - great name for a kid's book! They always look sweet and innocent when they are asleep.

Amy J said...

Ohhh Pierre, you're in trouble!