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Monday, January 08, 2007

The Super-funkified Reversible Double-knit Weasley Sweater aka Dilby's Jumper


The four (yes - 4) sides of Dilby's sweater...


NAME : The super-funkified Reversible Double-knit Weasley Sweater, aka Dilby's Jumper
YARN: Paton's Totem in Burnt Orange and Blue #3096
NEEDLES: 4.5mm bamboo and aluminium circulars

I wanted to make a Weasley Sweater, but I figured that the movies got it all wrong - Mrs Weasley is a competant wizard who makes her 7 kids (and some of their friends) a sweater each year for christmas - I am sure she knows a spell to produce a funkier sweater than seen on the celluloid (they look so slipshod!). And Harry's first sweater was emerald green in the book (fun and bright) but olive green (drab and boring) in the movie.

I wanted to avoid seaming, and love little boys in raglan sleeves, so I decided to knit it in the round. This caused some problems for the initial, as it is very difficult to do intarsia in the round and I didn't want to get that fiddley. So I decided to leap into the world of double knitting. It was no use going to the effort of double-knitting if it wasn't reversible, so I worked two D's into the sweater, one backwards to be worn on the back of the sweater...

It all started off from this knitted donut I blogged about way back in the beginning of October.

The next time you saw it, I was knitting a sleeve and showing off my unco double knitting technique. ..

But there were a few steps between that you didn't see

Of course, there was another sleeve....

Which was then added to the main body of the jumper so it could be knit in one piece....

I got up to here, before I ran out of blue yarn and had to do a mad dash to all the store that stock yarn, string or rope to try to get the same colour (I didn't care about matching dye lots - I just wanted something the same colour). The raglan decreases were a bit of trouble - I had to re-arrange the stitches so that I had one colour on one side, and then I had to use four different decreases to get the sides to look even (K2tog, P2tog thru back loop, SSK and P2tog).

The orange was on the outside the whole time I was knitting, so this is a peek of the blue inside (isn't it cool how the front and back make a D?)

The final object was passed onto its new owner on Friday, but it took us until Sunday to get our model to finally put it on. (He is a big fan of the word "NO!")

So da-dah! Here is the finished object as modelled by Dilby (with a little help from his Mum) and, of course, the reverse "D" on the back (with Brindi helping to model that!)

It's a little big, but by the time winter comes around (which should be about mid-March in Canberra) It should be the right size, and that double thickness will be just what the little boy will want in our nation's capital (which I have said before, is proof that hell freezes over!)


Taphophile said...

Crikey! You don't do things by halves. Great job. It will be just about warm enought for Canberra's winter.;)