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Sunday, September 17, 2006

I go to rio!

Only one thing to say - Hugh Jackman is wasted as a screen actor!

He was amazing - completely amazing. He worked the audience, ad-libbed, made prank calls and got a country lad to dance in front of 10,000 people. He was completely Peter Allen, and didn't once break character. Although the show skipped over a lot of detail from his life (it a musical, not a documentary) it still told the story. There was at least 3 standing ovations, one after 'I still call Australia home' (with kiddies singing in the bleachers it felt better than the qantas ad) half way through the second act. And I think even Tuffers admitted to having a little bit of 'dust' in his eyes during 'Tenterfield Saddler'.

Of course - it was so fantastic I had to take home a couple of mementos - A DVD doco of Peter's life, and the Broadway soundtrack of the show. It seems that there are a couple of songs different from the show we saw.

Of course - that's not all we got up to on the weekend. Another wonderfully sunny weekend - we spent most of saturday morning loitering over brunch at the Lane Cove mall, where Pierre made another canine friend, this time a Siberian Husky called Latte.
Finally - I promised a photo of my mail drop on Thursday - and here it is, a loverly package of Dale of Norway goods from Yarn Barn. Lucky, lucky me, another project awaiting in the wind. Posted by Picasa