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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Who's a spoiled GF?


Last night Tuffers anounced as a complete surprize, that he had tickets to see Ben Folds and the Sydney Symphony at the Opera House. We started off the night with a romantic dinner at Guillaume - though expensive, the food was delish, they served us before the show started, we had a table with bridge views, and best of all, you got to experience the architecture of the opera house from inside.

Ben Folds was amazing - he is so awkward and nerdy when walking on and off the stage, but once he has that piano the plays so gracefully, and so energetically (he stands up to bang out some of the numbers). I have been a fan since high school, and I love all of his music, but the highlight for me was 'Stephen's last night in town' with the full 80 piece orchestra. I felt like my whole life I had only heard the shadow of the song, and finally I was hearing the real thing.

Following the show we went to Lenin for cocktails. Though nowhere near as funky as the Gin Palace (lets face it, the Gin Palace IS, while everything else is just imitation), once you accept that you are in Sydney, the fact that it is a little too try hard is easy to excuse (yes, I am a victorian by birth :)

It was quite possibly the most romantic date Tuffers and I have been on since we moved in together. I'm so lucky to have such a great man.


Keen to find the S'nBs operating around Sydney, this morning I ventured out to Gordon to find Rubi and Lana. I have been meaning to find this LYS since reading about it in the August Notebook: magazine - and I have to say I am sorry I didn't find it earlier. There was a lot of yarn in stock I have only seen on the internet - Lorna Lace, Dale of Norway, OnLine... and Lantern Moon and Addi Turbo needles... oh my!
As well as all that, the display was fantastic (see left). I want a lifesize soft toy sheep just like I saw in the shop! I did make a small stash enhancement purchase, but it was difficult not to buy half the shop. I really needed to pace myself. At least I don't feel guilty as the S'n'B-ers get a 10% discount.

The s'n'b was small, but well worth the trip. It was great to meet Pamela - as with most Sydney knitters I had been following her blog. There was one other friendly knitter there, who was also knitting in Jet (she had great taste). Manager Paula was loverly as well - I recognised her from the notebook: article, and she was incredibly helpful and knowledgable to all who entered her realm.

As for progess on jet jumper #2 - see for yourself. I am nearly up to the armhole shaping!

This afternoon I sat down to attempt a little spinning. I still need a little 'user' troubleshooting, but got a little further than I did last time. Not so many kinks and knots! Was a wonderful way to spend a rainy afternoon (and the because the weather was playing the game this weekend I got to wear my green jet jumper) Posted by Picasa


Corrie said...

ohhhh when is their SnB. I've been dying to find one and that's reasonably close. I must check out the store too!

Ginger_nut said...

Hi Corrie, The SnB is this saturday 11-2. I won't be able to make it this weekend, but there should be one or two other girls there.