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Monday, September 04, 2006


Just got home from Pierre's graduation from puppy pre-school - we got a couple of cool prizes, including yet another bag of doggie kibble that weighs more than him.

Found a loverly surprize in the mail today - A book I ordered at the bead and scrapbooking fair. Completely forgot that there were a couple of stalls with cool craft books. This is my 'teach yourself to spin' manual - if I still end up with kinky yarn after using all the tips in this I will have to go and find out when and where the guild meets so I can get some professional help.
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Kate said...

Found it...
Here's the Guild website for meetings, etc - drop in if you're up our way. Also I know your Singer machine - I have a small collection - only 12 of them - but not that one unfortunately. Its a beauty. I have a few manuals so if you can supply me with the serial number I might be able to help.