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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Pierre and Josephine

As you can see, the yarn snob strikes again to make a bed out of Josephine.

I still haven't sorted out fasteners for the front, but thought I may reply to a few q's I have recieved. Difficulties with the pattern? There were two. The first is that there was no overlap with the front panel so it tends to gape - hence the requirement for fasteners. The second is that there is an error in the centre cable chart for the back. One of the symbols requires you to cross over two stitches instead of one. It results in the cable being off-centre, or at the worst a travelling cable :) although compared to some mistakes found in knitty patterns its fairly tame.

Lots of exciting email today. Firstly I got an email from my ISE pal, making first contact, another from SecretPal9 to tell me they got my app, and one from Yarn Barn to say they mailed my order today - Hopefully I should have it within the week.. oh such excitement...

More details on Pierre - currently he is 4 months old and he weights about 1.6kg. Although he is still growing, he will probably never top 3kg. His shoulders sit about 20cm high. When we were walking on sunday an adorable little girl tried to tell me that he could not be a dog, because dogs were bigger than cats and he was nowhere near the size of her cat. She then kept trying to get his attention by calling 'kitty, kitty, kitty', which, of course, worked because he is a sucker for kids :) In case you were wondering, green is his favourite colour (his collar, harness and lead are all green, and I want to get him a metallic green dog tag). Tuffers had a moment of 'fatherly' pride last night at the vet when we were told that his 'testes had descended well'... however the pride then turned to horror when the next sentance was 'he'll be old enough to castrate next month, would you like to book him in now?'. Tuffers casually crossed his legs.... Aparently men don' t like to hear the 'c' word. Posted by Picasa