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Sunday, September 03, 2006

what a fantastic weekend!

Taking advantage of this fantastic weather yet again Pierre and I went for another walk today. Along the way we met our golden retriever friend from last week, Kodak. We managed to get this rather amusing photo of the two playing - I'll keep this one to remind myself just how small the pup really is.

Wearing 3/4 length pants required me to find some short socks and I came across this pair I had knitted at the start of the year but never worn (yes, they are made out of opal chameleon). I decided I wanted to try and make a pair of handknitted socks, but got rather bored just making a tube so turned the heel rather early. All in all they were rather comfy, so I may consider making myself some more socks (it is sometimes hard to justify when $3 gets you a pair of bonds socks)

And finally, I did sit down for a bit of weaving this arvo - this is a close up of the check pattern I am making. Sometimes it is hard to tell if you are making any progress when you are on the loom as you keep winding your finished work underneath itself so only a few inches are exposed. Posted by Picasa


Annie said...

OOh, that's lovely!! I am planning on taking some weaving lessons, but I want to get better with knitting first... That is quite inspiring, though. Gorgeous colours!!