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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

what's on the needles??

For those of you wondering about the current project I'm knitting, there is a piccie of me at ssk on saturday a few rows after I casted on the jet aran sweater. I'm not too original- the second project from the same book in the same colour as the picture... if your looking for something more creative check out some of the other projects on the go at ssk - Lyndell's booties are very inspirational, if in the wrong teams colour ;)

For those who were wondering - the serial number on my singer is Y6427087. I haven't tried to get it back in working order just yet, and hence have not made any sock monkeys of my own. Tuffer's sister is keen to try to make on, so we may collaborate next tie I'm down here way (she has one of those new fandangle machines that use leckytricity)

Now, one final question - I know novelty yarn is a big no-no for knitting (esp for scarves) but what's the rules for weaving... for example, is one allowed to make fun fur cushions??? Someone suggested it too me (they would like it) and the jury is still out. Comments are more than welcome...