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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Stitch Markers...

Anyone have any good ideas for making your own stitch markers? Currently I am using rings cut off the end of a drinking straw, but they are beggining to split and bend and not quite be useful. At the moment I am just cutting more rings off the straw as the old ones break, but I think I should consider a more long term solution.

'off like frogs in sock...'
...or rather I'm frogging my socks and they are not going off at all!
I wanted to magic-loop my socks-of-doom, but unfortunately my 3.5mm circs aren't quite long enough so I need to get some DPNs. If only I assembled my arsenal as listed originally :(

the pup - A quick pick of Pierre from the archive - we haven't seen much of him lately so thought we would incorporate him and yarn, just to relate it back to the blog :)
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Ana said...

I came upon your blog at random, don't know what I was looking for but your puppy is so cute! So I read your blog.

Here is a link for a home made row counter:

As far as stitch markers I just use a piece of yarn with knot tied. Works well and I have an endless supply.

ferg said...

Hello Ginger nut. Thanks for the suggestion on using loquat jelly.
I just checked out your blog and absolutely adore Pierre.
As for stitch markers, I seem to have acquired quite a few as free gifts with knitting magazines but your system sounds so much easier. i think I'll try the straws myself. I'll keep in touch.
Cheers Gillian

Polly said...

Yeah I got a Pierre too, Tiffany, my ferret is constantly after my yarn (unless it acryllic-- she doesnt do acryllic...)


catsmum said...

Try using powder-coated or plastic paper clips [ smallish ones ] ... takes a bit of getting used to but they don't break!