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Monday, September 11, 2006

Yarn snob strikes again!

Now this may be a little hard to see, but this is Pierre helping me to showcase the yarn I bought for my ISE3 pal. Yesterday Tuffers and I went out for breakfast and to do a little shopping and when we got home we discovered the problem child had got out of the bathroom and into the yarn stash. So I guess I can say the yarn is an incredibly soft fine merino and it is 100% Pierre Endorsed.
Here he is before we went out - looking incredibly cute and innocent. It is due to the rain that the pup was left at home - a great day for sitting inside the cafe (because the al fresco area was flooded) which means the pup had to stay home. Was also a great day for knitting. Yes, incase you are wondering that is my Jet lace panel jumper. I have been wearing to and from work every day since completion, and wore it (nearly) all weekend. It is due for a wash...
...Which is what Pierre had tonight. The tyke had a bit of an accident, and there was no way he was sleeping in my bed without a bath (I know, spoiled dog, but Tuffers headed across the county this morning). Sorry for the inclusion of my less than pedicured tootsies - He goes a tad bit psycho after the bath and I took an awful lot of photos of tails, paws and blank floor space before I bribed him to sit still with a treat while I took the photo.
Finally - a bit of knitting. I dragged out the pieces from the Hanne Falkenberg Mermaid jacket, and finished the i-cords on the sleeve cuffs. I have sewn one sleeve in and the other will be completed tomorrow night at pub-knitting. I really love this pattern. It is worked side to side in garter, so there is very little finishing left. The appearance of 'tailoring' is created by the use of short rows and by changing colours. I bought this in a kit from cucumberpatch, and have decided that I am not a huge fan of the wool - it is a 4-ply shetland and it feels a bit rough in comparison to all the alpaca and superfine merino I have been working with lately. However, I think using a less coarse yarn would compromise on the shaping. Tuffers really likes this jacket and has been after me to finish it for ages (I started last november and put it away over summer and just didn't get it out again) so I am hoping it gets a little softer after a wash or two.

I also spent my lunch break working on my ISE3 scarf. Sorry, no photos - I am trying to keep the pattern a surprise. I did spend a bit of time working out cast on numbers etc, because I am bastardising a pattern used in another garment that I really like for the scarf. Posted by Picasa