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Friday, March 30, 2007

It's my party and I'll brag if I want too...

I had so much fun last night at Mandy and my joint birthday party that I forgot to take pictures, but luckily, Lara had the camera out and there are some photos up on her blog..

Unexpectedly, presents were given, and I just have to show them off...

From Candy - who not only knits, but also bakes (she supplied the yummy fudgilious gluten free cupcakes last night - oh, and also the live entertainment in the form of her 6yo son!) and quilts, I got this gorgeous handmade needle roll - in my colours, and also to suit DPNs and circulars, as Candy has noticed that I don't often use straights.

This folds in half and rolls up to about the size of a paperback. I'll have to hunt through the stash and notions to find the DPNs and fill 'er up!

Lara (and, I guess, Mark as well) gifted me this gorgeous swishy yarny goodness from her recent trip from New Zealand (hence the guys with the face paint and the tongues out on the card!)

There was also a bamboo crochet hook and a "sock knitter travel bag" - both from a 100-yen shop (aka- $2shop) Lara found in kiwi-land.

The soon-to-be-joining the ranks of bloggers, Sally (who was there with hubby David) gave me a little tools and notions bag with a couple of extra goodies inside - a metal needle sizer with a gauge square, and a touch of luxury - a skein of caramelly coloured cracksilk haze. I think I can understand why this might be addictive!

Kate gave me this cute little silky bag with some rowan botany and some yummy eucalypti dyed yarns, which I think she said was done by some clever member of the Blue Mountains Knitting Guild.

The card is by one of her favourite artists, and I love the way it co-ordinates with the rest of the gift.

Mandy was so excited to have a party, she made some cute little goodie bags to take home - these were plastic noodle boxes with easter eggs, bubble blowers, balloons - and toothpaste sample :)

We all got so excited about the goodie bags that we wish we had gone with a few more good memories from kiddie parties such as preparing some ubiquitous fairy bread!

Ness was also in attendance last night - and I'll use this opportunity to show off the book I received while at dinner the evening previous.

Knowing my love of books, Ness spent quite a bit of time at Borders, and decided that it was near impossible to get me a knitting book I didn't already have and grabbed this one instead.

All is good because I fancy myself a bit of a bossy boots!

Now - I have mentioned by fancy-smance knit-picks, but not that they were also a gift (albeit one I got early!)

Originally, these were to be my gift to myself, but Tuffers needed inspiration so he ended up paying for them over the phone for me to pick up. When I got to the shop he also had organised a $50 voucher for Tapestry Craft. I have decided to spend this on extra bits and peices to expand my knit-picks set - which hopefully will come in rather soon...

I did spend a bit of time looking at the yarns at Tapestry craft and fell in love with Jo Sharps Alpaca Kid Lustre - but because there is a slightly higher mark-up due to the store location etc etc... it was rather expensive and in order to make a garment I would have to add a substantial about of my own moollah to the voucher. I did a bit of searching on the net and found out the is having a sale on all their Jo Sharp range, so bought all they had - each ball being just shy of half the price of the same yarn in Tapestry Craft. This was my present to myself and I am using the yarn to play around with colour - my holey argyle is coming along nicely, but working from nine (yes, 9) balls of yarn at once makes it a stay at home project. I have taped a whole bunch of zip-lock baggies together to try and stop some of the inevitable tangling...

all in all - not a bad haul for this chickadee!


Lynne said...

Wow! What a great bunch of stuff. You have a fantasic group of friends/relatives.

Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment - as you can see I have been busy leaving comments all over yours (for March anyway).

An even bigger thank you for putting my blog in your sidebar. I will return the compiment immediately.

Jejune said...

Hippo Birdy Two Ewe! Sounds like you've had a wonderful birthday and party and pressies and everything - best wishes for the year ahead from me and Lulu :)

Corrie said...

SPOILT!!!!!!!!!!!!! what a haul of presents!!!!!!!

I just read on your blog about the rubi and lana group and must pop in so will see when the next one is after easter!