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Thursday, March 29, 2007

hippo birdbath... and some q&a

No post yesterday - I was out and about having an extremely good day due to the fact that it was my birthday! Da-dum!

Because it was a wonderfully sunny, warm day, Pierre and I walked up the road and met Mandy for lunch, who insisted on shouting because it was my day (never mind that it is her birthday today!)

We followed lunch by doing a bit op-shopping at 'Vinnie's' and 'After-a-fashion' where it obviously was my day because I found the book on the right for a whopping 2 bucks! It was a perfect find because I have wanted the Kaffe Fassett pattern library for ages but don't want to fork over $90 on it, and I just happen to be trying a little colourwork in my next planned project. Intarsia here we come! (it won't be quite as adventurous as Kaffe Fassett but we all have to start somewhere) Also in the picture are some vintage plastic (i think) patons DPNs, wrapped together with original label that I couldn't resist. I doubt I will use them - but nice to add to my collection of useless stuff.

In the evening Ness invited me over for dinner, and cooked a great roast with a Dijon, tomato and cream sauce, and some of my favourite roast veggies (sweet potato, spuds, carrot and garlic!) before completely spoiling me with caramel and baileys gelati (she didn't tell me the gelato was there, so I filled up a bit too much on the savory without leaving room for desert) We got a bit of knitting and chatting time in as well - she is well into her second sock ever, and I cast on with my latest favourite yarn, Jo Sharp Alpaca Kid Lustre. So far, loving this yarn and can't wait to wear it and feel it against my skin!

I got lots of phone calls from friends and family in Geelong (to think - I may be seeing them on a daily basis in a months time!) - and was told that my family have all pitched in to get me a fantastic kniterature collection that my sister ordered online for me. I mentioned that I wouldn't mind the Yarn harlots new book, or to increase my Elizabeth Zimmerman collection (current books - 1) and discovered that they have ordered all the other Zimmermann books, and the yarn harlot book, and another book on sweater design. I think I read on Jussi's blog that her friends pitched in to buy her amazon wishlist for her, and I now know how she feels!

Tonight is a bit of a party with the Rubi&Lana gang + partners. Mandy is having the do at her place and we are all pitching in with the catering (I'm taking over my baby espresso machine and some coffee) and I expect it will be a great evening. I will miss my knitting buddies quite a bit when I move!


I have received a few questions in my comments I feel I should address -

  • In a post where I mentioned the Rubi&Lana knitting group I got the following question -
Taueret said...
oh! you knit at the Rubi + Lana group? Is your group open to new members?

The Rubi&Lana group is always open to more members. We meet every second Saturday from 11-2 - I am not sure when the next meet-up is, because it falls on the 7th Apr - Easter Saturday and the shop may not be open. Send an email to ginger_nut(at)bigpond(dot)com and I will pass on the details as I get them.
  • And another post where I showed off my hand-dyed yarn spawned theses Q's
abe-hap said...
have you been spinning these skeins with the merino you got a while ago? because they look great if they are.

Unfortunately, the hand-dyed yarns are not the product of my own spinning - I am not yet competent enough to spin uniform fingering weight yarn. These are undyed skeins I ordered directly from a spinning mill. If you are interested, a couple of places sell undyed yarn - Bendigo Woollen Mills, Nundle Woollen Mills and The to name a few. I would recommend buying direct from the mill, and you will avoid a higher retail markup.

Jejune said...
Love the Shadow wool - what sort of black dye do you use / spill ?

So far I have been using food-dye and kool-aid for my dying experiments - I like the idea of using non-toxic dyes as 1- I use containers also used for food preparation when I dye, and 2 - I know any extra dye that goes down the drain won't have a huge negative impact on the environment. I use Queen Bee liquid food dyes in 6 colours - pillar box red, blue, green, yellow, rose pink and black. I find you can get some fantastic blending and mixing happening with these dyes. You do have to use vinegar with your dye as a fixing agent - just like colouring Easter eggs!

  • In another post about kool-aid dying

Did you sprinkle on the koolaid or did you premix it with water? Keli

I sprinkled the kool-aid on because I was trying to get a 'semi-solid' colour with some slight variation. If you dissolve it first you get a much more uniform colour.

In future I will try and answer questions as I get them!


Who won the boobrock stitchmarkers??

Also, I'll be in town from about the 3rd to the 10th (I think, I don't have the diary in front of me) do you have any of your regular S'n'Bs during that period? I'd love to go hang at Starbucks with you :)


Donna said...

Happy Birthday for yesterday!

Taphophile said...

Happy Birthday - glad yours was such a great day. :)

Kylie won the stitch markers. She really need stitch markers, so they went to the right person. She also put them straight onto her project and "modelled" them for us - too funny. :D

You can check out our regular dates on Canberra Knitters now. You'll miss a regular date, but we can always arrange something. :)

The Shopping Sherpa said...

I could see if Das Kapital is open over the long weekend - I'm sure John would welcome a bunch of knitters and even has a computer in the bar we could blog from...

Assuming everyone isn't tied up with Folk Festival happenings?

abe-hap said...

Happy Belated Birthday !!!!
thanks for answering our Q Ginger_nut.
practice makes perfect so get on your wheel and just go for it! I want to see some spinning from your stash ok ;)

If you use Landscape dyes, even though they say acid dyes its ok to throw the excess dye water, ect, on your lawns as its not actually bad acid, if that makes sense, as in Australia the acid dyes are not the dangerous ones....i checked about before i started experimenting with them, as the last thing i want to do is breathe or touch dangerous acid dyes.

Lynne said...

Happy belated birthday from me too!

I have that book - in fact, I have all but one of Kaffe's knitting books. He has been a hero of mine for quite a while. Did you know he's coming to Oz this year? Unfortunately I think it's only for patchwork workshps. Check out his website for more details.

I know Ebay is a 4-letter-word but I bought the Pattern Library from there (Aust) for less than $40 (can't remember how much exactly) and it was brand new. Keep your eyes open (or perhaps not since you think it's evil LOL)