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Monday, March 26, 2007

finding spirit..

As much as I wish I could control every little detail affecting my life, I can't, and as I briefly touched upon yesterday, the last week or so required some very difficult decisions in response to decisions made for me by other people. In order to get through this period, I shut myself off from the world, picked up a project I could work directly from a pattern (so my mind could wander) and decided what I wanted.

And I want to go home. In a month or so, Pierre and I will be making the move interstate, back to small city Geelong, to rejoin the community I left just over two years ago for work. This decision feels right - and as such I spent the last week sorting out the details in my head (while sitting on the couch knitting).

If you listen to sticks&string, you would know that just over a week ago a few of us Rubi&Lana gals went on another road trip to catch up with the Blue Mountains faction of the NSW knitting guild. David invited us to visit his LYS in Katoomba (review coming) beforehand, and I bought this pattern:
... and 9 balls of Freedom spirit in colour #507 "essence". I cast on last Sunday, and late last night I wove in my final end to finish with this...
NAME: Spirit Bolero
PATTERN:Twilleys of Stamford, freedom Spirit leaflet#9039
YARN: Twilleys of stamford freedom spirit colour #507 'essence'
YARN SOURCE: Katoomba wool and craft store
NEEDLES: 4.5mm tulip bamboo 80cm circulars, Birch 5mm 80cm circulars and Knitpicks Options 4.5mm and 5mm (yes - knitpicks, in oz! and a needle review will be up shortly too!)
COMPLETED: 25 March 07

A quick knit in a great yarn - I had trouble with getting the required tension.I went up a needle size, and was still out, but like the feel of the fabric so I made a size larger than I required. Of course, I forgot that this also meant I was out on the row gauge, so had to recalculate the sleeve caps to fit, and pick up heaps of extra stitches for the collar.

Even with adding in extra rows for the sleeves, and extra stitches in the collar, I still have a bunch of yarn left over.

90 gms - just shy of two whole balls, but it is actually five partial balls. Due to the fact that I was getting two different effects in the yarn (even though it was all the same dye lot) I started each piece of the pattern with a new ball. You will notice that the left and right front have a different pattern on them - the right has bold stripes while the left has more subtle narrow stripes. It is not quite as obvious as in the photo, but rather than stress I decided to just follow the pattern and go with the spirit!

I just finished sewing a green button on, so the bolero is now completely done!

And just a funny picture of Pierre - just so you know that I am not neglecting him with my marathon knitting.
Oh - and apologies to all tropfest DVD winners... due to the hair-pin turn in life they haven't yet made it to the post office.


Taphophile said...

Sweetie, no-one gives a flying fig about the DVDs. You are more important.

The bolero is gorgeous. Knit therapy is pretty darn good.


Taueret said...

oh! you knit at the Rubi + Lana group? Is your group open to new members? I live in Gosford but would LOVE to find a fun bunch of knitters to play with.

Jejune said...

I'm glad you've been able to get the time and mental space you needed to make what sounds like the right decision - it's really tough sometimes to be able to find the peace to think of what you really need and want. And knitting is the perfect therapy of course :)

Dinna fash yourself over the DVDs - your life is much higher priority!

And BEAUTIFUL bolero - I've used Freedom wool before, and know how gorgeous it is to use :)