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Monday, March 05, 2007

bad knittiquette (and a give-away)

How rude is a knit-blogger who visits another city, has a special s'n'b organised for her, and then fails to blog about it (or anything at all) for at least a week after??

Well, that would be me.

Sunday last weekend, I finally met lots of Canberra knit-bloggers... including Bells, Monsqueek, Taph, the Shopping Sherpa, Jejune (and Lulu the naughty sheep), happy spider - and their fellow s'n'b-ers.

Lucy-lou (LL) and I spent a couple of loverly hours at the Lighthouse in Belconnen, being accosted by the peanut gallery (some random drunk was requesting casssshmeeeeeeere jumpers) and enjoying the free wine given by the establishment to make up for a bit of problem with the service....

This was LL's first s'n'b experience - and I think she found it rather enjoyable... once she got over the initial shock of a fibre discussion less than 10 minutes into the event :) LL even left the event with a finished object - the first of a pair of booties for the bub due in April.

I forgot to take photos until after people started leaving, but we did fill up both tables that we commandeered :)

And this is the arty, post-chardy shot! Big thank you to Taph for organising this event. I did have a good time :) I just was laying low last week, and forgot my manners...

Although I wasn't the only one....

Pierre has decided he prefers height of the coffee tables at LL's....

And Dilby decided to enjoy the little rain during the drought... and try a self applied mud-facial. You can't quite read his top, but it has little pictures of "diggers" and trucks, and has the slogan "MUD MONSTERS" written all over it. Very Apt!

LL and I had a bit of fimo-lovin' during the weekend, whilst Dilby had a bit of play-doh fun (I think we managed to avoid him eating any!)

And the spoils of our labour, post baking:- These cool little beads will be made into stitchmarkers soon, and will be in the shop (yes, a little shameless self promotion). This set will called "poppies".

Also - BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Mum.

I had a chat with Mum yesterday (the day of!) and amongst other things, she mentioned that my Dad went to the Melbourne Motorshow and took something like 450+ photos... but here is one car he won't have a picture of!

Yes, I realise this did the rounds on the 'net eons ago, but I haven't put on my blog, and my Dad hasn't seen it!

And did I say GIVE-AWAY??? (congrats if you made it this far!)

I have a handful of this year's tropfest DVDs that were free with the SMH. If you missed out, and would like one, leave a comment. On the off chance that I get more comments than DVDs I'll randomly pick names out of a hat. I'll announce who the lucky people are next Monday.


Taphophile said...

Ah Ginge, it was no hardship to organise a bit of a get together in a pub. The morons at the next table were but a minor distraction - they really can't help having a chromosomal disorder - the Y chromosome ;). It was lovely meeting both you and LL (who I now realise I called by the wrong name all afternoon, oops) - we hope you come back soon.

Amy said...

Please send me one of your DVDs cause I bought The Age but the newsagent ran out of them

Jejune said...

It was great to meet you and Lucy-Lou! Hope we can do it again sometime :)

tangelled angel said...

Ooh, am I too late???
I loved the pic's of you guys sitting outside knitting together, reminded me of days when I travelled arund Australia.

Bells said...

sorry I've been so slow to comment on this! Was great to meet you and your SIL. Drop in again any time!!!