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Monday, February 19, 2007

What a weekend!

sorry, but all in dot points for the moment - hope to flesh it out over the next couple of days or so!

****Miss Violets boobrock fund :-

  • so far $US60 has been raised for Miss V from the boobrock stitchmarkers in my etsy shop.
  • There are four pairs left - get in quick if you wanted some!
  • Thanks to Taph, ChocTrudi, Wendy, Kate, David and anyone else who has linked to the shop or publicised the fundraiser.
  • All orders received by the time this post is published have been packaged and will be taken to post office tomorrow to begin their various trips around the world!

****Blue Mountains knitters guild roadtrip

  • There is a loverly pic on Kate's blog, and a cool debrief on Lara's blog about our adventure up to the mountains.
  • We stopped at the Wool Inn in Penrith along the way. There are pics lurking on my camera waiting for me to do an LYS review! Never fear, Penrith locals - although we all boughts lots of loverly knitterly things and yarn, we came nowhere near to emptying the shop (thou not for lack of trying!)
  • I succumbed to the beauty of new Paton's Shadow Tweed in autumnal reds. Because this is a new yarn I plan to write a review of the product (so far V yummy!)

****Canberra Knitters!

  • A Harlot inspired Knit-in-public is being organised by the Canberra s'n'b. Details are on taph's blog . Don't forget your socks-in-progress
  • I'll be in Canberra this weekend - I'd like to spend an hour or so meeting up with some of the cool Canberra knitters - is there a s'n'b on this weekend? or can we have an impromptu one?
  • drop me a line ginger_nut(at)bigpond(dot)com if your keen and we will sort something out!

****post goodies!

  • I recieved my final package from SP9 - Raquel, you're fantastic. Go check out her blog, and her WIP ink artwork!
  • I won a competition on the Shopping Sherpa's blog - and was send a great satchel bag full of goodies. TSS is selling these on ebay- i recommend checking them out.
  • I plan to elaborate on both of these (complete with pictures) soon too!

sorry for the slackness, but I want to post and am to busy to sit and do it properly!


Kate said...

Whew - don't forget to breath. Busy is not the word, but it's all good stuff and I don't think 'slack' is a term I would use to describe you! Congrats for the whole boobrock fundraiser.

Bells said...

count me in for a meet up in Canberra! anyone trying to help Ms V is a friend of mine!