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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

busy busy...

I have been busy starting out at work this week - the only way I could have more caffiene in my system is if I had it administered interveinously!

Apart from running off to catch buses into the city, I have been updating my etsy shop - I want to have a full range up because it seems a couple of podcasters are going to be featuring me on their show. Below is a peek of what is in stock! Listen to this weeks show to learn how to get a bonus.
I have also been sending a few emails back and forth with Miss Lime - and will be doing my bit to help out with the fundraising efforts. Here is a peek - I should get them into the shop on Monday.

Here is a progress shot of the polo shirt I am designing. It's glarey, but I am using some cotton I got off ebay to sort out the design stage. If the pattern works I will get some colours that compliment me a little better for a more refined version.

And here is my primary colour yarn, all knitted up in a funky swatch that will probably become a cushion. I have recieved good feedback about this colourway, so it will be in the shop - eventually.... probably when I start doing decent shifts at work and not annoying half-shift training sessions where I am being taught stuff I know better than the instructors (yes - I know, just a tad bit glib there, but I am sooo bored. I need the coffee to keep me awake during class!)And finally - here is a picture of Pierre, looking sweet, innocent and like he hasn't chewed the crap out of my headphones or the nose of my meerkat soft toy!


Taphophile said...

How exciting - are the breasts going to be stitch markers? I put you on my list of Aussie independent producers which I blogged recently, too.

Keppy said...

LOL Those boobs are great!! I was listening to L&V this morning and came over here to look at your stuff. Very very pretty. I love your yarns and stitch markers.