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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

final sp9 goodies!

So, funky arty sideways picture... but these are the goodies I got from Raquel, my SP9 pal.

Kinda hard to see if you can't turn your monitor on its side - so here are the details:-

  • 2 skeins of yummy sunshine yarns - one with matching stitch markers (you know how much I love stitch-markers)

  • heaps of kool-aid (in the mesh pouch) to help in my dying adventures - just like I asked for.

  • Yummy cookies!

  • Some chardonnay salt truffles!

  • some buttered popcorn flavoured lip gloss

  • and lots more American candy (the "Take 5" disappeared very quickly - why don't Australians mix pretzels, nuts, peanut butter, caramel and chocolate? its soooo delish!)

Mucho enjoyment from this no-longer secret pal of mine.

And completely unrelated - first day of real work today. At the cafe. With real customers. And real orders. Went well, but I my feet are feeling the 8 hour shift - guess the last job, sitting behind the computer all day has made me a little wussy.

Miss V boobrock fund update - $US75. Only 2 boobrock stitchmarker sets left, and 3 days for them to go before I have to cough up bonus funds! I think I may have to make another batch!

And just in case you were worrying - I haven't been too busy to look after Pierre. He had to have a bath a couple of days ago - and didn't enjoy it very much!


Taphophile said...

Oh, poor Pierre. How miserably bedraggled he looks. Very exciting about the boobrock markers.:)