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Thursday, February 08, 2007

rainbow yarny goodness

okay.. so Taph was right, and that golden yarn didn't start out as straw. It was actually some of that food-dyed top I posted about the other day...

I was a little creative with the food-dyed yarn, and experimented a bit while plying, and came up with this -
Which I am calling "primary colour" - not really gold anymore, but now rainbow yarny goodness, using yarn for an experiment usually completed in kindergarten. I love it - its bold an fun. I will certainly be recreating this one.

It looks like candy all wrapped up in the skein. I want to make up some more of this to put in the etsy store, but am unsure of the colourfastness of food-dye. I'll play around with this one and see how it washes - but a question for you experienced dye-ers - what sort of a dye should I use if I want to be able to guarantee quality to a third party (ie purchaser, client, customer?)

I also relived the kindergarten fun of mixing colours prior to spinning. May I present my secondary colours - orange, a purple-y mix I hope will turn out with a nice variegation (dye was purposely dripped on and not evenly mixed before zapping), and a yummy green. The colours aren't quite what are shown - I didn't get a chance to take any photos in natural light so there are flash.

Of course, continuing in the kindergarten theme, I look like I have spent the day finger- painting. I really need to get some gloves!


abe-hap said...

food colouring dyes should stay fast as long as you cooked in the colour long enough - otherwise I recommend using landsacpe dyes - although not cheap :)
heres a few aussie links for you

this is an american one

Taphophile said...

What a fun lot of colours, :) - so happy looking. A mate of mine uses Virgina Farm for all her dying needs.

Tommelot said...

The food-dyed yarn turned out great! I just love the bright and happy colours.