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Sunday, February 04, 2007

my first skein...

May I present 74 grams of gorgeous green 2ply merino - hand spun by moi?

Last night I finally got my A into G to figure out how to ply - and I love the result. I am not sure what I am going to do with this, but right now it is a pet skein, to display, touch, admire, and show people... the loverly knitters that joined Tuffers and I for a BBQ today. The weather turned on for us - beautiful summery sunny day, and Tuffers was an excellent chef for us. His mum's cornchip salad recipe went down a treat (it really is good!)

We were joined by Ness, Lara and Mark, and Sally and David - they had such a good time that they stayed later than they ought.. I think I can see more knitters BBQs at our house in the future :)

Although Pierre needs a bit of a rest before the next one - all the visitors wore him out!

Oh - and for the spinning - I have already started on a new yarn. A merino and silk blend, in, you guessed it, greens :) I have discovered the zen of spinning!

PS - today is my last day of full time work, and I got demoted!


Kate said...

Knitting at the Opera, knitting at the BBQ - I'm glad everyone is blogging about all the things I'm missing so I can enjoy reading about them:-)It looks like you all had a lovely time, especially Pierre.

Lara said...

How dare they demote you! You did a superb job today!

Katie said...

That skein is just beautiful. Well done. But I think Pierre must be a more responsive pet! He looks adorable.