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Saturday, February 03, 2007

bah - weaving ends in...

First and foremost - I finally got my Lisa Souza yarns!

I think Lisa worked all through the xmas / new year period dyeing and skeining up orders after a problem with stock distribution, so I am really happy to have received them.

I emailed Lisa to tell her that the yarns made it all the way to Oz, that I luffed them, and I would wax lyrical about them on the blog.

I ordered Sock! and Sock! Merino in three colourways - Gendarme (very regal - the gold is this is soooo gold!) Lime'n'Violet (to support their mike fund), and Violet's Pink ribbon (to support a woman / women with possible breast cancer).

These yarns are oh-so cushy and soft - in fact, they have that much bounce in them that the skeins seemed huge! - bigger than regular size skeins of sock yarn I have been hoarding (and I guess, technically at 4oz / 113g they are, but it shouldn't make such a big difference). I also ordered some Brittany Birch DPNs - these are nice and warm like the bamboo, but not as flexible. And no, Pierre will not be getting his teeth on these!

Of course - yesterday I promised pics of the newly completed (bar the weaving in of ends - BAH!) loopy mohair sweater.

First, is this pic of the front and back complete. This is where I learnt not to complete a 3 needle cast off while watching the men's tennis final. If you look closely at this picture you can see I was completely distracted and did the 3n-co on the wrong side... So I got to do it again the next morning...
Once I got this far, I tried to fit the sleeve in, but the cap just didn't fit. I re-worked the sleeve cap so that it was a perfect fit, and I could use mattress stitch as much as possible for hidden seams. I was thankful that I didn't have to rip back the loopy, because previous experience has taught me that it is a bastard to frog.

And here is the completed garment (look at all those terrible ends!)

It fits - and a damn good thing too! I did actually complete a gauge swatch / tension square for this - because it was fitted I thought anything a size too big or too small would make me look like an idiot. I ended up using 4.5mm needles instead of the recommended 4mm. Yes - I am a toit knitter, which means I usually use a lot less than the recommended # of balls, but this time I used more (must have been those sleeve caps I re-did). I was glad I went a-hunting extra totem, this is all that remains! (oh an half a ball of loopy)

I will post the stats once I have finished those darning those darn ends in.

I already have a new project on the needles - a design attempt in cotton...


amanda j said...

Ooh, I have been eyeing off the gendarme colourway from Lisa Souza. What are you planning to do with the yarns?
Your jumper looks terrific!