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Monday, May 07, 2007

the trip home - Pitstop 1: Canberra

Following a fantastic farewell the RandL group gave me on ANZAC day, and a sleepover at Lara and Mark's (which included a singalong toMonty Python's the Meaning of Life ) I hit the road, aiming roughly in the direction of Canberra.

This was a quick stay - long enough to hang out with Lucy and Hubby-lou, Dilby and Huey for one last night before heading out early the next morning in order to make it to Wangarratta Woollen Mills for a bit of shopping.

Knowing that this would be my last visit to Canberra for a few months, I put the feelers out for an s'n'b - and Bells stepped up to the call, organising a pub-knitting night at Tilley's just for me.

The turnout was small, but intimate - and as you can see, alcohol was close at hand. I was delighted to share exactly why the phallic sock was such a phallus, and was very excited to meet Hubby-Bells. (Apologies to him - he asked why I was moving interstate and I think he got stuck with bitter-ex-girlfriend conversation. No wonder he was so quick to suggest he take this picture of us :)

A big thank you to Bells for organising this one - it is great to know that you can find fellow knitterly friends whilst travelling for a few rows and a few drinkies.

Of course, I enjoyed being able to spend time with the Lou's - as you can see below, Huey had grown quite a bit in the two weeks I was back in Sydney - he is now a lot less spidery, and a hellavalot more Sumo (in the cutest possible way!)

In this picture he is the perfect fit for the baby kimono, which I thought would take him months to grow into.

He had also outgrown his ribbed baby booties, but thankfully, the clogs still fit him.

It has nearly been another two weeks since I saw him, so I wouldn't be surprised if he has yet again doubled in size!

I was really glad the clogs still fit him, as here we have clogs MachII - with a matching Huey, Dewey, and Louie Cap.

NAME: Baby Clogs MachII
PATTERN: Slip-on from 50 Baby Bootees to Knit By Zoe Meller
YARN: Cleckheaton Merino Bambino (held doubled)
YARN SOURCE: Lincraft Belconnen
NEEDLES: knitpicks options 4mm
COMPLETED: 22 April 07

NAME: Huey Cap
YARN: Cleckheaton Merino Bambino
YARN SOURCE: Lincraft Belconnen
NEEDLES: Birch 3.75mm DPNs
COMPLETED: 26 April 07

> And of course - I had to make something cool for Dilby to go with that super-funkified-reversible-double-knit-weasley-sweater, and what better than a "tebby-bear" hat (his words, not mine). My sis completed one of these last year and gave me her light blue leftovers, which was just enough to make a smaller hat for Huey. Perfect for when the boys go to their Teddybear picnic in June.

I followed this pattern to the letter, and as you can see, the 2yo size is large enough to fit an adult - and I am now very tempted to make one for myself.

NAME: Tebby Bear Beanies
PATTERN: Patons booklet 1217: Designer handknits for tots
YARN: Patons Loopy Mohair and Totem
YARN SOURCE: Lincraft, Hornsby Craft and Wool Nook, Malvern Button Shop and sis's stash
NEEDLES: knitpicks options 4 and 6mm
COMPLETED: 26 April 07

I am hoping to post semi-regularly this week (I have a couple of other FOs to share) to catch up with the rest of the trip home (such as the woollen mills... drool!) but I have just recieved a package from the States that contains my Sea-wool, so excuse me while I go smother myself in that unique seacell smell!


Bells said...

No problems meg. It was great to use your stop over as an excuse to get a few of us together!

And don't worry about talking to hubby about your stuff. he's good at that kind of thing. Just one of the reasons why I married him!

Jejune said...

Sorry I wasn't able to come along, but it looks like you had a nice group there - sometimes smaller is nicer :)

LOVE those tebby bear hats! Good to see the nephews and Lucy-Lou all looking so well!

Olivia said...

It was a great excuse to have an extra little S'n'B. Hope your settling in is going better.. and tell us about the woollen mills!