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Monday, May 07, 2007

Forgive the delay - moving is quite the bitch...

All of my stuff has been delivered, however, after my yarn-robe (which had a previous life as a wardrobe from ikea) arrived in pieces (the particle-board piece of furniture was lovingly placed inside the removal truck, and then had several cartons of books dumped inside it) I was a tad bit too enraged to do any blogging. Also, I only have two weeks to claim any damages and breakages caused by the removalists, so with the help of my Mum we are unpacking and repacking boxes to find any problems. Discoveries that have so far had me searching my sailor's vocabulary include:-

  1. at least 20 boxes labelled misc (ellaneous). At these 10 of these boxes weren't labelled with a room so I didn't know if it was craft misc, collectables misc, or even ornamental misc. I can understand professional removalists may not know that they have packed my sock yarn stash, beading equipment, spinning bobbins and barbie-dolls (from my youth, which, god-willing, I plan to pass onto my kids one day) - but rather than 'misc' it would be more helpful if it were labelled with something like 'wool' or 'craft' or 'art' and 'toys' so I know not to look for my barista steaming jug in there.
  2. Several boxes with no label what-so-ever. One of these boxes was found on its side, at the bottom of a pile of three heavy boxes. This particular box contained my ($950) stereo and my DVD player - the stereo did not have any packing around the front and display area, which was facing the ground.
  3. An unwrapped picture frame (with now broken glass) in a carton of heavy magazines and hardcover books.
  4. paperwork that was in shoe-boxes emptied into a large tea-chest carton and the empty shoe-box packed on top.
  5. Toiletries thrown into a box. LITERALLY... THROWN... they are now covered in shampoo (from a broken bottle) and I found my glass bathroom scales, hairdryers, straightener, toothbrush charger (and spare toothbrush heads) amounst the various containers, medicines and accessories.
  6. Dog-eared books. Torn dust-covers. Bent photos. All as a result of being thrown into a carton (and what really irks me : all my books were on the shelves grouped by size - ie all paperbacks on the one shelf, another of hardcovers, magazines all together - they should have been the easiest things in the world to pack!)
  7. MY YARN STASH - it was all in the yarn-robe, but it didn't travel altogether. It was used for packing in other cartons (which I wouldn't have minded if it was all sealed in plastic, but I would rather not have my yarn travelling in the same container as my aromatherapy oils or facial moisteriser)
  8. The boxes with my clothing (which I am supposed to pack, and are only supposed to have clothing in them, and as I packed them are not covered by the removalists insurance) had all sorts of extra things shoved in them. Pieces of my loom (not L-u-m-e). Make-up and toiletries off my bedside table. Books. DVDs. Whatever they couldn't be bothered packing properly got stuffed in there.

There is lots more, but I am getting infuriated just thinging about it, and I don't like complaining on the blog - it's supposed to by my happy place. Just wanted you to know why I have been a bit silent recently (also - Tel$tra hasn't yet sorted out the phone line yet, so I have to rely on the parents internet)

I guess one positive has come out of this - a large stash does have a great use apart from being your insurance against sheep extinction; it makes for execellent padding when moving.


Lynne said...

Oh Meg - what a terrible experience! Throw the book at them, won't you?

DH and I have briefly toyed with the idea of moving (from a 4-bedder inhabited by us for 15+ yrs)but the thought of packing it all is a big turn-off. Now, so is the thought of getting the 'professionals' to do it!

Jejune said...

Wow, they did a *seriously* crap job :(

We've moved on average every 2-3 years (and have been married for 22 years, do the maths...), including overseas and back, and have never had professional removalists to help out - but now I'm thinking that might not have been such a bad thing after all!

Jejune said...

And yes - COMPLAIN. Did you get photos of the damage?