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Thursday, May 24, 2007

being jack sparrow

Yes - I got dragged along to see 'Pirates' today (like my arm had to be twisted) and without giving too much away, it is, of course, nowhere near the original, more plot but less entertaining antics than the second - still a great swashbuckling adventure that any pirate-wannabe would need to see...

And now I have another giftie that has dissapeared from the UFO pile at Chez Pierre..

The Sasquatch socks!


NAME: Sasquatch socks - sasquatch being another name for bigfoot, and these are made for a male size 14 foot.
YARN: Lana Grossa Mega Boots Stretch Special - 150gm ball
YARN SOURCE: Rubi and Lana
NEEDLES:3.5mm Addi DPNs
COMPLETED: 13 May 07
Considering they were pulled on the minute my LBB recieved them, I think that means he likes them. And I got the fit pretty much spot on - quite proud of these ones :) However, LBB seems to think that Smellie will steal them for bedsocks. Looks like I may have to make some more...

Yet another WIP

And here is what I have done so far with my sea-wool. The colours aren't quite right here, but you get the general idea - much too pretty for socks. A 3mm is recommended for socks, which you generally knit firmer, so I went out to a 3.5mm for this project. Any guesses as to what it is?

I am loving this yarn - This is one ball and I am getting alot of yardage out of it! And it feels so nice to knit with - regular wool feels like barbed-wire after knitting with the sea-wool. And such sheen - it looks like silk, but has all the bounce of wool.

...and out and about

Anybody seen these adorable squatches from Australian Country Spinners? They definately make me want to buy the yarn.

Oh - and I have to admit, I thought the Paton's Totem label change was just re-branding, but it does, in fact, feel a tad bit more luxurious than the old Totem... has anyone else noticed this???

And I had to share this - the latest in designer mens-wear: patchwork ties... how incredibly rustic :)


Kate said...

Don't know what you're knitting with the sea wool but considering I am about to wind up my Sea Wool skein I'm very interested in how much you get out of it.
Where did you see the squatches BTW?

Taphophile said...

The new Totem feels silkier in the ball but it seems to knit up as sproingy. I've only seen/felt it in someone else's double rib and I'm not in a hurry to try it at this stage.

The sea wool looks lovely.

Candidablows said...

Hi Meg, I saw the squatches at Spotlight last week. I love them too. I actually looked for a pattern before the brain kicked in. Love the socks and the patchwork tise are certainly step up from knitted ones!

Jejune said...

Oh those socks are lovely! They just LOOK warm with those colours :)

Haven't seen the 'new' Totem yet, will keep an eye out for it now you've mentioned it.