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Sunday, April 08, 2007

The Grandma edition, aka "ooh... egg... sthiney!"

This one is for Hubby-lou's Mum and Moma Tuff -

Both of Dilby and Huey's Grannies live way over the other side of the country (in WA) - but I was still surprised to find out that Hubby-lou's Mum is one of my regular readers (as well as being the main purveyour of Dilby's Couture!)

Moma Tuff also helped out an exhausted Lucy-lou over the past couple of weeks by helping to keep an exuberant Dilby entertained - it was a shame she had to miss out his first Easter egg hunt.

By the end of the hunt "ooh... egg... sthiney" was replaced with "oooh... egg.... toclate (chocolate)... openit?"

Sorry for the delay - did mean to go back and update on Easter Sunday, but blogger wasn't up to it.

Arrived back in Sydney very late last night - I didn't want to leave these two adorable boys so stayed as long as I could.

By the way - that blue crocheted rug in the picture of Dilby and Huey in the last post was made by Moma Tuff's friend Sue. Apparently she got quite a kick out of seeing it online...


Jejune said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the jellybean clear tablecloth stuff! Must. Get. Some!