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Friday, April 20, 2007

I stand corrected!

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In my review of Men who knit and dogs who love them, I made the comment that I thought that Eastern knitting was the Same as continental knitting. Ginny pointed this out in the comments, but I also received this email from L, one of my fellow North Sydney Pubknitters which provides a detailed explanation which is so good I had to share:

I was reading your blog today and saw your comment about Continental
(Eastern) knitting in your review of the book "Men who knit and the dogs
who love them". Just thought I should point out that Continental and
Eastern knitting are not the same. Continental knitting is where the
yarn is held in the left hand, but the yarn is wrapped around the needle
in the same direction as when the yarn is held in the right hand.
Eastern knitting the yarn is wrapped around the needle in the opposite
direction to what is done in Western knitting. So in Eastern knitting
the yarn does sit on the needles "back-to-front".

To quote Priscilla A. Gibson-Roberts (what a mouthful), from Knitter's
#40, "When wrapped from front to back for both the knit and purl
stitch, the leading side will be on the front of the needle (Western
knitting). When wrapped from back to front for both the knit and purl
stitch, the leading side will be on the back of the needle (Eastern

Mary Thomas's "Knitting Book" (first published in 1938) also discusses
English knitting (yarn in right hand), Continental knitting (yarn in
left hand) and then Eastern knitting which "is formed by reversing both
the movements of the yarn and the needles as worked by the Western
methods, so that the Plain or Uncrossed Knit Stitches are made through
the back of the loop...".

From what I understand from this, Continental and English knitting create the same fabric, albeit in different ways. Eastern knitting is actually a completely different technique that creates a different fabric - rather like double knitting creates a different fabric from other colourwork techniques. L will be bringing Mary Thomas's Knitting Book along to pub knitting on Monday so I shall be sure to check it out.

And on the topic of pub-knitting, Monday night will be my last public stitch'n'bitch in Sydney. If anyone in the vicinity wants to drop by, please do! We meet from 7pm upstairs at the Station Hotel opposite North Sydney train station (funnily enough!)

I'm preparing for a very busy week - apart from pubknitting on Monday, all my possessions will be packed up and put on the back of a truck on Tuesday, on Wednesday the 'Randall' knitters are throwing me a bit of a party, and thursday I will be starting my Drive down to Canberra(I know it's not an s'n'b night but anyone want to meet for a coffee?) , stopping for the night before hopefully making it all the way back to Geelong on Friday.

Of course what good is a road trip without a little yarny goodness? I got in touch with ACS, and plan to stop at the Wangaratta Woollen Mills - they don't do tours (doh) but I hear they have a backroom just like Bendy!

As you can tell, I am a rather chatty person, so in my email to ACS I invited them to stop by the blog, and also asked for permission to use content of their websites when I do product reviews. I received the following feedback, that makes me feel warm and fuzzy :)

Hi Meg.

Thank you for your enquiry via our website/s. I have taken a look at your blog site, very nice and comprehensive. Please feel free to mine our websites for info etc. We have just released our 2007 ranges which are making their way into stores all over Australia and New Zealand. We have led the swing back to natural fibres over the last couple of seasons and we are all happy with the results, naturally soft and light yarns.

Kind regards and happy blogging,

PS re Shadow tweed you can look up stockists via the Patons site once you have moved, until then Spotlight should have stock of the yarn and book.

Stephen Hooper
Marketing Assistant

How fantastic to get this sort of feedback from a yarn manufacturer!

However, I was actually inquiring about stockist for the new cleckheaton yarn I have my eye on- Vintage Hues. Has anyone seen this yet? It's another bulky weight yarn with long colour repeats, but this on is 100% wool. I'm guessing it would be very similar to Twilleys Of Stamford Freedom Wool. And look at that packaging - they definitely are not being shy about Noro-esque.


Kate said...

I've bought this book! - I'm using the Vero yarn as I prefer the colourway and I'm planning on making the little curved cardi on the cover. Love the Cleckheaton Art Direction - the coordinating outfits and the colour schemes they use.

Lynne said...

Hey Meg

Will you be at BM Guild group tomorrow so I can say 'farewell'? It's not goodbye because you'll always be virtually here - at least while you continue blogging!

I'm glad you got a good response from ACS - I sent an email asking a question and they answered a completely different question. My second email has not been answered in more than a fortnight, so I guess they don't know the answer!

That Cleckheaton Vintage Hues looks very pretty - but I'm on a self-imposed yarn diet at the moment! :-(

chocolatetrudi said...

Yes, I noticed the Vintage Hues yarn the other day, when I was looking for Shadow Tweed. The colours of VH are more pastelly from the looks.

You'll love the ACS Mill Shop. It's full of big bins overflowing with bags of yarn. Each time I visit, I want to do a big dive into one of the bins.

Jejune said...

You're really on a roll with your letters to shops and manufacturers! Well done :)

Not sure about this Thursday for me - but you may find some Belconnen-side knitters who could meet up with you, I'll put the word out there.

And there's obviously a whole world of knitting out there still to be investigated - very interesting about the Eastern knitting style.

Bells said...

Hey Meg - I'm free on Thursday night. We could meet somewhere closer to home since no one else seems to available, although I'll get a bit more word out. email at heleng72 at gmail dot com if you want to figure something out.

Bells said...

looks like I've mananged to recruit a few more people Meg. We're thinking Tilleys. Let me know.