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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Bendy's website..

(Appears I still haven't gotten 100 clicks on the skullcandy banner on the top of my sidebar - no free headphones yet. If you haven't clicked yet, please do!)

I will plead guilty. I put a link in my last post that I did not check.

Last week I received the new bendy shade card, an on the back there were these details:- Unfortunately, it appears the website isn't live yet. I know the email works - and I can even recall reading on a westcoast USA knit-blog that someone was waxing lyrical on the value of good ol' bendy (For those not in the know, Bendigo Woollen Mills retails for about $10AUD for 200grams of yarn - for more info use the details above)

However, I would like Bendy to have a website with all the shade available because...

...Pierre decide to have a little fun with the shade card while I was at work today (last shift at this store, as has transfer has not yet been confirmed I may well again be unemployed...)

The only shades I can match with their names are 3 colours in the Mystique yarn. You can see those to the right of P's ear below...

Now, one thing I forgot to mention in the Lincraft review yesterday is that they also have a very good range of knitting needles now available. The have a full range of Sullivan's Bamboo straights and circulars, as well as the metal needles they have previously been stocking. I haven't given any of these road-tests, and nor do I plan to - but these do look like they are slightly higher quality than the straight bamboo needles spotlight is stocking at the moment.

I also sent an email off to Lincraft, to invite them to stop by the blog and see what I had written in the review. I got the following reply, that I wanted to share.

Hi Meg

Thanks for the email…we did get your review as we monitor all the blogs. Thank you for your comments.

Our buyer is currently in Japan sourcing some exciting craft fabric but I will pass on your comments.

We have now had the business for two years and slowly but surely things are coming together. I am sure you appreciate what an enormous task it has been to resurrect what was a very sick business.

As for “acrylic mohair” your comments are noted….it is done in the vain of “faux fur”…clearly not fur!!! Possible we should label it “acrylic in mohair style” or the like..I will certainly take that on board. I hope we can continue to improve and appreciate your feedback.

Brian Swersky

Joint Managing Director
Lincraft Australia Pty Ltd

I like it when companies are responsive to feedback.

I will certainly share the details of how the 8ply socks go. The intended recipient is my brother (who thinks it is cool that I can make socks!) so he will be the guinea pig. He has ridiculously large feet (size 14 or there abouts) so making socks out of thinner yarn would be a never-ending project.

And as for my knitting - I have a bit of a secret project on the go at the moment that I want finished before I get to homehome aka Geelong. I have also started my monsoon socks, and a gorgeous hat for a terrific-two-year-old. I will post pictures tomorrow, hopefully with my...wait for it... knitpicks review!


Lara said...

Go Lincraft! Very impressed. Let's hope they treat their staff with respect (unlike Spotlight where I will never shop again), and I'll be haunting Lincraft like the old days.

Kate said...

Maybe if you show Bendigo the damage your personal shredding machine (aka Pierre) does to shade cards they will design you a dog-proof one - encased in industrial strength perspex.

Bells said...

naughty Pierre!!!! OMG what damage!

That's fabulous that

a)Bendy almost have a website (about bloody time)


b)Lincraft are so responsive. Good work!

Jejune said...

Oh naughty Pierre! I have a radical suggestion to make - maybe, just maybe, you need to keep your precious things (earphones, shade cards, knitting etc) Up High where he can't reach them? Or in a drawer? It was a lesson I learnt when my kids were toddlers :)

Amazing response from Lincraft - who cool is that? I find it fascinating how Blogs are opening up this whole new way of communicating, not just between individuals, but now also to businesses as well.

I don't shop at Spotlight any more, either, because of what they did to their staff... but I'm happy to give Lincraft another look when I'm next in Civic :)

Looking forward to reading your KnitPicks review, as I'm thinking of getting a set... I'd be interested in knowing which 'extras' you think are best to add to a basic kit.

Meg said...

"we monitor all the blogs"

Does anyone else find that a little creepy???

I reckon Pierre might have been trying to send you a message along the lines of 'stop that infernal knitting and give me constant pats!' (My dog gives me this message on a daily basis by sticking his big spaniel paws right on the knitting as I'm working on it. Can be dangerous.)

Olivia said...

I'm glad Lincraft is improving; service is still generally terrible at the Canberra one. Really good to see you got that nice message back.

A caution on the Sullivan's needles, I've bought their metal circs twice and both times one join broke immediately. I wish with all their sewing and knitting implements they would stock a choice of Sullivan's AND a more respectable brand like Birch. I did see the Sullivan's bamboo circs and thought they could be worth a try... but probably not by me!

Swanknitter said...

Depends on your local Lincraft. Mine is cleaned out of everything but fake fur and acrylic the instant anything new arrives so they are not handling stock control very well.

And BWM is the truly old reliable. I am knitting a jumper for my husband I spun out of a lump of their read- spin. I too was thrilled to see a web address.

Lynne said...

Yes, "monitor all blogs" is a little creepy: but at least we know our blogs are being read! LOL

Our local Lincraft has pretty awful customer service (at least the last time I was there, which was just before Christmas), which is one of the reasons why I don't get there often. The other is that it's so far out of my way!

I bought two sets of circular needles from Lincraft, one broke almost immediately, the other made it through a whole 40"x70" feather and fan wrap/afghan but hasn't been used since.

the local Spotlight Superstore has a great range of stock and their customer service is marginally better than Lincraft. However, that musty, fusty smell, the dark, the dust and the untidiness is hard to live with. BTW, what did they do to their staff? I'm curious?

Finally, congratulations Ginger Nut on getting Lincraft to sit up nd take notice. Yay!!

chocolatetrudi said...

Drat! I was so hoping Bendy had finally got their act together.

I bought lots of Sullivan's bamboo needles some years back, but they were horrible. The surface was raw and unfinished, and was like knitting on sandpaper. But it was a couple of years back so maybe they've improved. My advice is: if they aren't smooth and varnished, don't buy them.

Anonymous said...

how could no one notice 'done in the vain of' ? I know he means done in the vein of but still..... pretty funny considering he was defending acrylic mohair :-)
not much attention to detail then eh?