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Tuesday, April 24, 2007


following 12 hours of removalists in the house, having a small dog connected to a belt loop via his lead, lots of "this is going; this is staying", and "loom is spelt L-O-O-M not L-U-M-E" finally all my possessions (bar the knitting projects and yarn I just can't part with, my laptop, camera and effects, ipods, some toiletries and a few clean changes of clothes... oh, and Grey's DVDs for Lucy Loo) are sitting in a shipping container and will be somewhere between Sydney and geelong until next Monday.

I have too much stuff. Way too much. I dread having to unpack the crap. (I am so glad I had professional removalists organised for me - no way would I get everything down to geelong by myself)

And I said good-bye to Tuffers this evening. He is going to an ANZAC day Dawn service tomorrow so is staying at a more convenient friends place in the city and I won't see him again before I leave town. I am looking forward to starting afresh back home, but I will miss this life a little.

The highlight of the day - my second rockin' sock club package showing up this morning. oh so pretty... need another skein so I can make the knee-highs.

Good night all!


Taphophile said...

Strength to you, Ginge! So sorry I'll miss you on Thursday but it's a great group who'll be keeping you company.

Have a great trip and we may yet cross paths - I'm going to try that shop in Tarcutta on Friday when we're in Wagga for the day.