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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Wow - A great start!

Thank you all so much for your support of my "Knit & Fight the Black Dog" campaign - it has only been two days since I launched it, but already it has reached beyond the circle of my acquaintances. It was not an easy post to write, and I have a feeling that your frank and honest responses would have been just as difficult - I am already working on next Friday's post which will contain some links to sites, but already I feel some topics for future discussion have arisen from your feedback. Come back on Friday to see the next step in this campaign, but please feel free to stick around and see what else I get up too!

I signed up for "le tour" KAL - I have volunteered to be 'la lanterne rouge' !

Feeling rather inspired I designed a cute pattern that I should have available tomorrow (provided I can get the chart sorted :S). It uses just one skein of a gorgeous soft wool/angora blend. Here's a sneak peek - but piccies showing more detail are over at my flickr account (link in the side bar)