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Thursday, July 12, 2007

black dog delays

Hey guys –

I know it is supposed to be Fight the Black Dog FRIDAYS, but I am a tad delayed with this weeks edition. Please check back later on tomorrow and I should have the final copy of my post for the week up… I'm sure it'll still be Friday somewhere in the world!

In the mean time, be distracted by the process I have made on my Clapotis, which is providing a stunning backdrop for my gorgeous new toy. Perhaps I should have signed up for the Tour de Fleece as well as the KAL!


Jejune said...

That is the most stunningly gorgeous drop spindle I've ever seen... hope you have fun using it :)

Marg B said...

The yarn you are using for Clapotis is gorgeous! Any details about where it is from? Is it a silk/merino blend?