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Friday, July 27, 2007

fight the black dog - temporary hiatus

no newsletter this week - I decided I needed a 'mental health day'

have a good weekend all!


Jejune said...

Have a lovely restful weekend :)

gemma said...

peace to you, knit up a storm, and "'avagoodweekend."

Craftydramaqueen said...

Have just read #4. My workmates have been very supportive. At first I hid my condition from everybody. But, after a lengthy period of sick absence (Depression!) I was very honest with everyone at work. There are three others near me who are also on the happy pills. It's easier when you are not alone! Keep up the good work. said...

thanks for being so open about the challenges of mood disorders. It spurred me to add your black dog button to my blog, and to reflect on how well I'm dealing with my symptoms. And here is something that I hope will make you smile: when my three girls were each about one month old, having spent the past four weeks nursing like fiends and doing little else but look around at the world and at their mama, they all went through what we came to call "The Winston Churchill Phase" where their double chins and big jowls were totally disproportionate. You have no doubt seen babies at this stage and no disrespect to Winston, but it is fortunate that they go through it pretty quick!