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Thursday, July 19, 2007


I have a lot of things that I have been meaning to blog about in the past week or so, and just haven’t got around to it… so I have decided to blurt it all out here…


This great little satchel is handmade by The Shopping Sherpa ( and I won it from her earlier this year in a blog contest. It is a very convenient bag, however, due to TSS’s monochromatic colour scheme it creates a great canvas for groovy badges and pins. Did you notice that one right in the middle? Let me zoom it in a bit for you…

This little jelly-baby pin was an impulse purchase when I was in line at the checkout – so cute that I had to grab one. It is to raise funds for research into Juvenile Diabetes and to attempt to find a cure. I am really glad that I did now, because it turns out that Dotter (aka Othlon) has been dealt the rather harsh hand of being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in the past couple of weeks. Jelly-baby month is officially May – but there are still some lingering around. If you see them around, spare your 2 bucks for a worthy cause – I plan to have an army of different coloured Jellybabies on that bag eventually. To read more about how annoying Diabetes can be, check out Dotter’s blog over at Othlon’s Demon Knits, or her Mum’s blog, Jejune’s Place


Centrelink. GRRRRR! Need I say more!

However, I did get a good deal of knitting time down on the “got any blacker” commissioned scarf. Too bad that I decided it should be narrower to add extra length and frogged it all when I got home!


The yarn I used for my clapotis is Fleece Artist Sea Wool – it is a 70/30 wool/seacell blend and a gorgeous silk mimic. I bought it through – I think that Kate at Blue Mountains Knits, and either Paisley Womble (or maybe Ozknitter? One of the sock queens) also has had a play around with it.


Those of you who are awake will have noticed the past tense in the previous topic ‘yarn used for clapotis’ – Yes, c’est fini! After wearing it last night and today, I finally bought some foam tiles to block it on. It’s HUGE!

And the best part – this is all the yarn I have left!


Having finished my Tour de France knitting commitments, I went looking for another French inspired knit before I went to s’n’b last night. I found a couple of balls of Jo Sharp Desert Garden Aran Cotton in the stash and a cute beret pattern in Knit2.

Well… c’est fini! Guess I will just have to make the “got any blacker’ commission scarf my new tour project. And really, cashmere in a man’s scarf – that’s very European, dare I say it, Parisienne!


My new spindle I flaunted last week is a ringspindle from Golding Fibre Tools – these are like the Lantern Moon for Spinners. The make gorgeous objects that can be displayed as works of art by themselves, yet are also beautiful, well-functioning tools. Go check them out at


And Pierre is still alive and well – to cope with the wet and cold weather down here I made him a doggie-sweater. I actually finished this a couple of weeks ago, but completely forgot to post it.


Also, someone asked me what EZ book I would recommend reading first – I think that you can’t go wrong with “Knitting Without Tears” – it covers all the basic EZ concepts and has patterns to keep you warm from head to toe.


I think that’s the lot – I’ll try to avoid the monster posts in the future!


gemma said...

The Sea wool scarf is beautiful, and Pierre looks so warm in his coat. Great pictures.

Donni said...

Wow. Is that the colour variation? It's lovely - drat you! I will have to go shopping now!

Paisley said...

The Sea Wool Clap looks fabulous and I love the concept for the "got any blacker" scarf.

Jejune said...

Thank you for buying a jelly baby badge - I'm going to be ordering stuff from the JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) too. Thanks for thinking of Dotter and me (((hugs))).

Good to see Pierre is going well - very cute little jumper there! In TOTAL agreement with you about Centrelink, it's enough to make you hit your head repeatedly on their counter. And what can I say about your Clapotis? Just stunning...

embi said...

I still have nightmares about my (fortunately brief) time of dealing with Centrelink. I think my favourite one was when they suspended my payment for allegedly not providing them with my tax file number - the week after I had given them as requested a copy of my previous year's tax return (with the TFN on the front page!). I have no idea how anyone going through illness or with a few kids in tow or who is a little bit intellectually-challenged manages to cope with that place.

weaverknits said...

LOVELY Clapotis. And I absolutely agree about Golding tools... I only spin with a wheel, but I have some needles from Golding and they are absolutely my favorites! Definitely worth the price.

Angela said...

Alrighty, so I'm about to embark on a Sea Wool Clapotis and am using yours as a guide.

The entire success of my project depends on you. No pressure.

I just wanted to clarify that you made your ginormous clap with only 2 skeins of sea wool. See I'm terrified of knitting all the way to the end to find that it's not as big as I'd like. 90" is plenty big enough, but I was confused by another Ravelry user (that's where I found you, btw) who used 4 skeins and only ended up with 64" little inches.

I'm also interested to know how much 'overlapping' of your two colours there was.

Please be to helping me.

Thanks in advance.

~Angela (redcorset at gmail dot com)