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Monday, July 02, 2007

FREE PATTERN – “La Lanterne Rouge” hat

The rider who is bringing up the rear (ie last) in the Tour de France is known as the “Lanterne Rouge” – the nickname stems from a time when red lamps used to hang from cabooses on trains.

When I think of the “Lanterne Rouge”, I have to admit I have rather romantic notions – this cyclist does not care if he doesn’t hold the yellow or green jersey, nor does he worry if he is not a contender for the King of the Mountain – because, this cyclist is ecstatic just to be competing in the world’s most prestigious cycling event and does not care where he places. There are times when I sometimes feel a little like a “Lanterne Rouge”, but then I remember that sometimes making it somewhere is usually most of the battle. This design is for anyone who has ever been proud to just show up!

Make this hat in a bright red and no matter how far you fall behind the peloton, they will never be able to lose you!

For this design I took inspiration from the shape of old iron lamps with live flames trapped within, and a ring on top from which you can hand the lamp. Worked in the entirely in the round, twisted stitches (or mini cables), divide the hat into 6 sections, each containing a flame motif on a basic lace background. An angora blend has been used to create a ‘halo’ or ‘glow’ effect. In order to obtain greater stitch definition, all knit stitches are twisted (worked through the back loop).

This hat uses less than one skein of yarn, however, if you make a gauge swatch you will have to unravel it to complete the project.


This hat comfortably fits most adult heads up to 58cm.


Cirumference: 44cm

Height: 26cm


Naturally Sensation 10ply (70% merino/ 30% Angora – 120m per 50 skein – shade 305) x1

40cm 4.5mm circular needle (or size to obtain gauge)
4.5mm Double Pointed Needles

Stitch markers
Tapestry needle

GAUGE 22sts / 30rows = 10 cm in stockinette stitch


Cast on 102 stitches.

Join in round, being careful not to twist – place marker at beginning of round.

Follow chart from right to left starting at row #1. Repeat chart 5 times to complete round.

Continue following chart to row 72 (6 stitches remain)

Knit 2 together 3 times (3 stitches remain)

Work an i-cord on remaining 3 stitches until i-cord measures 8cm.

Cut off working yarn and pull through remaining 3 stitches to bind. Sew end of i-cord to top of hat to create loop as shown in pictures.

Weave in all ends.

(Click to enlarge chart)


Meg said...

this pattern is absolutely brilliant!!!!

Lara said...


Kate said...

Congratulations on your brave Depression outage! This Black Dog features in my family with 2 siblings needing medication to cope. My sympathy and support in your battle; I'm so glad that your chosen armory is yarn and knitting needles!

Taphophile said...

The pattern is utterly divine. Thank you. :)

Peg-woolinmysoup said...

I have copied the pattern and intend to knit the hat. I wonder where I can find a dictionary of the symbols on the chart! I must start watching the Tour yet, but will start tomorrow, I promise! Best of luck with your knitting and life!

Dipsy said...

What a totally cool hat this is! Thank you so much for sharing the pattern - I will definitely try my hands at it!

Ina said...

I surfed over from the TdF KAL - thanks for a clever pattern.

Let your light shine! Fight the Black Dog!!!

Edie said...

the Iditarod, a 1000 mile sled dog race in Alaska, also has a Red Lantern Award!

miss ewe said...

Wow, such a great pattern! I absolutely love the Tour, and appreciate the sentiment behind this. Thanks!

Kimski said...

Wow, I just love this pattern.
I just came across it on ravelry.
I'm actually a bit envious that I didn't design it myself.

I love it illuminated, as well as as a hat.

Your work is just lovely. You do us black dog knitters proud.