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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Want some free stuff???

To help promote my new store over at I am having a competition and a sale.

All you need to do to win stuff from my store is to "Pimp my Store" and offer a discount to your blog readers. 

Sound easy???

Here's the deal - 

1: you must have a blog....
2: email me at with details of your blog.
3: I will email you back with a unique code you can pass onto your readers for a discount at my store.
4: post this code, with a link to my store and the button (shown in top sidebar at right)
5: The bloggers who generates the most customers and/or the most sales for gets $50 to spend at

Promotion starts from now until the end of March. The sooner I get your email the sooner you can start to "Pimp my Store" and direct your readers my way.