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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

seven simple joys

Caffeine Faery tagged me for 'seven things' and I thought I would take Taph's idea for a ride - so without further ado, seven simple joys:-

1. Surviving a long weekend without having to put fuel in your tank until the Tuesday... 
2. Hearing Alex Lloyd's Amazing on the radio - I find that song so uplifting... I remember when it first came out in 2001 I would drive the hour home from work at 1-2am flicking through radio stations hoping to hear it play.
3. Having discussions with The Man about 'our' future.
4. The pupster jumping all over me the minute I walk through the front door. When I sit down he gives me a thorough face-washing with his tongue. 
5. When people (okay, older women) at the market comment that they wish they had grandkids to buy my products for. 
6. Having a housemate who wants to watch all your Buffy and Angel DVDs... in order... and doesn't think that doing so is overkill.
7. The Man waking me up in the morning with a coffee... and grabbing his laptop so he can work checking his emails in bed and spend more time with me before he dashes off in the morning :)


Candy said...

This is sounding seriously like you are on top of the world. Good for you. I love reading happy emails. Best, Candy

Jejune said...

Aaaaaw - what a great list :)