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Friday, April 17, 2009

TAWFA Linkies :)

  • Even though I didn't quite make it, you can see the full list of prize recipients here.

  • Managing Director, Liz Foster, is interviewed about the Australian Wool Fashion Awards in this video here - I think the dresses featured in the interview were last years entries.

Overall winner Rachel Hunt, from The Oaks in New South Wales, says the use of wool has to change to stay modern.
"A lot of the designs on the runway tonight experiment with a lot of different shapes, and a lot of quite casual things," she says.
"I think people expect wool to be in suits or in something a bit dressy, so I think it's great that it's a lot more casual these days." 
because dressing up in a grey sueded dress shaped like a butternut pumpkin that makes you look like your pregnant with 8 is just what you would wear out for lunch with the gals.... (yes, I am narky, but you will see what I mean when I finally find a picture of the monstrosity!)

  • Blog post  I stumbled upon last night of one of the winners - *I think* Eva Pu. Check out the rest of the blog - it has some cute outfits she has designed and sewn on it.


Anonymous said...

hey! thanks for linking my blog <3

just skimming through your blog, i have to admit I felt the same way about that pumpkin =P

(sorry, but would it be possible not to post my surname? i like to maintain relative annonymity over the interwebs XD)