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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

some good, some bad...

the bad news first - 

  • I got made redunant from my job at the start of March
  • I am still unemployed
  • I hate dealing with Centrelink
  • The Man and I split up
  • I need to find new digs  - somewhere pet friendly (for the pupster and I) to live 
  • Currently I am 'between' fixed addresses, crashing at my parents and couch surfing in the interim

the good news - 

  • I finally paid off my car loan with the paycheck before I got made redundant
  • I entered The Australian Wool Fashion Awards....
  • ...and I am a finalist !
  • check out the details here - if you make it to the Royal Easter Show look for a green dress with purple i-cord 'piping' - very fitted and very 40s. I don't have a picture because I can't find the dang camera I used :( However, it is knit completely in one piece (apart from the belt) in gorgeous 8-ply / DK / Light worsted merino yarn :)
  • I had a fairly good interview for a retail management training position last week so hopefully will be gainfully employed (and not reliant on centrelink) very soon...
  • I am surprised at how resiliant I have become - I had quite a bit of crap land on me at once and am dealing rather well. Yay for minimum black dog issues in a time of crises!
Anyway - please excuse the lack of blogging recently... didn't really know how to start telling the negative stuff.

Mum and I will be in Sydney about the 15th of April (next Wednesday) for the presentation night of the Australian Wool Fashion Awards - if anyone wants to catch up while we are in town drop me a line :)


missfee said...

come to knitting at morris and sons on Thursday - lots of peeps to see there!!

Carol said...

That is a huge load to land all at once! Glad you are upbeat! Hope you get the job.

Lara said...

Yay for you! That is some tough stuff to be dealing with, it's wonderful that you haven't let it get you down.


DearieMe said...

Seems like you have a whole lot on your plate all at once! Yay you for being positive and constructive :-)
And getting finalist at the Show!!! How exciting ;-D