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Monday, April 20, 2009

Check out the grey furry pumpkin!

okay - I found some video footage of the giant grey furry pumpkin... and best is that at 0:57 my dress is seen making its way down the catwalk...

The video is available here: (sorry, I am not tech-savvy enough to embed the movie in the blog)

Now I think I should point out that I am not being sour grapes over the whole awards - firstly, there was a lot of great competition that made it too the finals, and, in particular, many great entries in the knitting section. In order to be considered for the grand over-all prize you had to win your section - which I didn't - so I was never in direct competition with the furry grey pumpkin. I just don't think that the winning design was wearable, innovative, marketable or a particularly good use of colour - and I don't think it relates to any current fashion trends or forecasts. HOWEVER - I do think it is a great peice of sculpture and a great example of wearable art*.  And I certainly think that the winning garment is certainly contreversial and will likely create a lot of publicity for the awards and the use of wool - which is what the awards are about. 

But I still think it looks ridiculous!

*a category that is no longer part of The Australian Wool Fashion Awards.