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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

australian wool fashion awards update

My frock rocked the catwalk. But the judges preference was for the
giant grey furry butternut pumpkin...


Pamela Lee said...

You have got to be kidding! If the giant grey furry butternut pumpkin is the dress I think you're referring to, it would have to have been the most ludicrous thing in the parade. It certainly inspired a lot of laughter in the crowd when I was there as the model attempted to walk around the stage in it -- it appears that the best she could come up with was a bizarre backwards and forwards rocking motion of the skirt, which allowed her to take small steps forward.

Anonymous said...

Just leaving a message to say where is your sense of sportsmanship. Do you know what the judging criteria is or how hard the designer worked on her outfit. Did you see it upclose or underneath???
from my understanding a major part of the judging is on how well the dress is made, so maby instead of bagging out another designer who did ROCK the catwalk, you should concentrate on your own work and just let things be. Obviously she did win for a reason and i can only assume that she would have worked very hard on her design. I also saw the show and all the entries this year were amazing!! Comgratulations to all the designers who got their garments on the catwalk, that alone is an amazing honour, and congratulations to all you winners, you did a great job!!!! x