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Saturday, September 27, 2008


The VK Holiday preview is up - and my favourite would have to be this gorgeous blue dress below on the right. I'll definitely be hanging out for this subscription issue to hit my mailbox!

I f you haven't guessed from the title, this post will be the last one you can leave comments on for my blogiversary give-away. If you want to win a project bag full of goodies from just leave a comment - if you're not sure what to say, tell me what your favourite pattern is from the VK Holiday preview.

Winners will be announced on Friday (Aussie time - which may still be Thursday for some of you).


pigbook1 said...

no need to enter me in any contest shipping would be a bit much. I do have to say that dress is pretty awesome though. I have a couple of things I like, but I am glad I don't get any knitting magazines. I would spend more time drooling over projects and choosing yarn than I would on ravelry doing the same thing :-)