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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Textile Tuesday

This week brought to us by the loverly Purls Palace in Daylesford... the LYS that, like the rest of Daylesford, is cosy and classy. While I wandered around fondling yarns and fabrics, and flicked through books, The Man and Pupster sat on the comfortable couch and read through the Age (because, like the rest of Daylesford, Purl's Palace is Dog Friendly* and caters for partners)The Man bought these goodies for me as an extra birthday present when we had our dirty romantic weekend away back in March. 
These are the shots where I pay a homage to Brooklyn Tweed and his amazing yarn portraits. Above - Noro Iro, and below, Noro Kocharon.
These beauties have been turned into an incredibly warm beret/tam that gets lots of comments at Markets. I really should take some piccies of it!

*Of course, when we turned up on the doorstep of Purl's Palace The Man, Pupster and I were all wearing hand-knit sweaters. You'd have to be an idiot to turn away that sort of clientelle!


Bells said...

i was a brand new knitter when I was last in Daylesford.Gosh, imagine if I went back there now. Hmmmm....I feel a holiday coming on.

Lovely phtotos. Noro is very photogenic, isn't it?

Sam said...

It's such a welcoming place isn't it? Last time I was there with a friend we had 6 kids between us, who obediently (although not quietly) sat on the same couch. It's a credit to Zoe that she's so welcoming to all men and beasts!

catsmum said...

my very favourite place to hang out!

Lynne said...

Ooo! to think I was so close to such a beautiful LYS when in Bendigo last week. Definitely another reason to visit that corner of Victoria again [in slightly warmer weather]!