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Friday, May 16, 2008

Good Kharma Sale

A great big thank-you for everyone who is out looking for Pop's marbles... At the moment we have marbles flying in from all corners of the country, and it looks like we have saved Pop's wind chime production. 

In the interest of spreading Good Kharma, I have a couple of announcements to make. 

First of all - everyone who has found some marbles in will be entered into a competition to win one of the recycled cutlery wind chimes. I'll take a couple of pictures at the market on Sunday so you can see how they look.

Secondly - as a thank you to everyone hunting down the toy aisle in search of the elusive 35mm marbles I am having a sale at : use the code LOSTMYMARBLES (all uppercase) at checkout to get free shipping and a 10% discount. Don't forget that every shopping in May will be entered into the draw for a $10 voucher as well. 

Thank you again - My Pop says a big thank you!