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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Textile Tuesday

In which I do my best imitation of BrooklynTweed's wonderful photography!

I have become obsessed by playing with linen stitch. So much so that I am developing a kind of 'knitted weave' - 

such as twill:

The structure of these stitches makes for wonderful bags - such as this 'mini-clutch', lined with fabric and finished with magnetic fasteners.
And chevron / herringbone:
This one also lined with fabric, but finished with a zip...
Product shoot photos completed today in class. Not only will these be used for my assignment, but also for the dual purpose when I get around to uploading them to the store. I love that my studies are teaching me skills I can use immediately!

And these are a little fun:

I am not sure whether to call this one "feed me" or "Laaaaaaaaaa"...
But this one is definitely called "C is for clutchie, that's good enough for me..."


Kylie said...

Wow! That looks fantastic,Great job :)

Lynne said...

I love the look of that stitch - I'm going to have to find it on the 'net!

Well done on the purses - they look great. I think the second last photo should be "Laaaaaaaaaaaaaa"!! :-) said...

I have been working with the linen stitch but the effect you have achieved is just great. Would you share with us how you did that?