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Monday, April 07, 2008

More Pupsters!

Something to help with any mondayitis you may be suffering -

some cute dog pics that I have had on my computer for a few weeks...

This is Pierre sitting in the boot of the car while I was packing up after the Drysdale Market last week. His front paws are resting on the Garment rack I use to display stock.

Yes, my car is a mobile mess. 
Easter Saturday Market at Point Lonsdale - These fellow papillions were visiting from South Australia (Adelaide, I think).  I see that Pierre's camera hogging abilities are a trait of his breed.
This teddy-like pomeranian puppy belongs to another Meg - daughter of the stall holder next to us at the Easter Saturday market...
Pierre was happy to meet so many other dogs his own size!

And this is my first media campaign for the stock in my store- postcards! The colours on this are funky because the file needed to be in CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and key/black)for the printers, and computer screens show RGB(red, green and blue).


Woo said...

Gorgeous dogs. The two papillons (ginger ears hogging the limelight) are my boys. Formerly of Adelaide, now of Melbourne.

Thanks for putting their pics up!

sue said...

Such cute puppies. I used to like going to the market at Point Lonsdale. I have been to the Port Arlington one a few times as my MIL lives there.