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Saturday, June 16, 2007

some WIPs and more knitpicks!

I have been having some real issues trying to post recently - I thought it was Blogger having issues, but after trying a different browser, I think it may be iexplorer that is a bit retarded.

Anyway - lots of knitting has been getting done - I have finished the body of my sea-wool yoke sweater, and think I may complete the collar while waiting for my 40cm fixed circular 3.5mm knitpicks needle from Doni. Seeing as the smallest cable in the options set is 60cm, I was tossing up whether to use DPNs or magic loop for the arms, when Doni announced the new knitpicks sizes that are now available here. And you can see that I have also started another pair of socks - in crazy colours. I went a little crazy when had a big special on whole bags of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Superchunky (I bought 6 different colours*) and saw this yarn for US$2 a ball (I think it may be still on special). Its a 6ply self-striping regia in very bright colours! Its the standard 75/25 wool/polyamid blend, but feels a tad bit cushier and softer than the ONline and Opal 6plys I have used in the past. I am becoming a handknit sock convert and decided I must have more NOW, hence again on the two circs (to avoid second sock syndrome) and yup - you guessed right, more knitpicks. I didn't get around to reviewing the fixed circular, but they are da-Bomb! Just like Addi-turbos but with that nice sharp point.

Oh, and I also got some feedback from Prestige Yarns (the distributors for Knitpicks in Oz) thanking me for the positive review of the needles. You may remember in the review, after doing a little math, I pointed out that the smaller needle sets weren't good value for money - it appears that someone else also played the numbers game because these sets have been repriced so it is more cost-effective to purchase needles that way now.

*yes, for those of you playing at home that is 60 balls of designer yarn... but it was US$65 (approx AU$80) a bag, compared with AU$22 a ball (or AU$220 a bag) here, so I couldn't resist. And yes, it was also over 6kg of yarn that I have been waiting nearly 3months for - I went surface over air mail to keep the costs down! I'll think about getting off my butt and taking a piccie for you all.


Jejune said...

SIXTY BALLS?! Faints...

Love the bright colours in those socks :)

I got a 20 cm x 2mm Knit Picks circular, but haven't used it yet... I actually find the points a bit *too* pointy at times, but overall I'm very happy with the Knit Picks. Good to hear that Prestige Yarns are listening and acting on feedback.

Kate said...

I think Little Knits are doing very well out of the Australain market. And on that Stash Enhancement note I suppose you don't want to know about the sale that Prestige yarns are having? I'm knitting up some of their Babycashmere at the moment and it is beautifully soft. They normally have a stall at the Darling harbour Craft show so I'm trying to hold out for that.
Looking forward to seeing a piccie of your big yarn delivery

Donyale said...

Thanks so much for mentioning me Meg.

As you know I give 10% to all bloggers and for June and July there is free postage for all orders over $70.00

I was impressed that Don (at Prestige) lowered the price of the Entry and Chunky sets to make them more price effective.