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Friday, June 01, 2007

FO - Vintage Hues Cardi

NAME:Vintage Hues Cardi.
PATTERN: Cleckheaton book 952 - design 9a
YARN: Cleckheaton Vintage Hues - shade #1269
YARN SOURCE: Spotlight
NEEDLES:7mm knitpicks options

I made this one a size bigger than I normally would - I wanted something comfortable I could wear as an outside layer. Of course, given that my Mum likes the same colours as me, she'll probably think I made it in her size so she can wear it :)

And from the back - just to show that I got that lace edging to sit down nicely! Doncha love the spirit fingers (jazz hands)!

Kate has been working on the same pattern, but in a different yarn - pop on over and check out her progress!
And here is Pierre - he has been quite a devil living with his cousins, Toby and Elvis. He likes to grab on to Elvis's tail and get dragged around the place. Quite funny when Elvis is trying to chase him while he is doing that - they end up going round in circles.

PS - I know I need a haircut, suggestions welcome.


Lara said...


Bells said...

Meg that's beautiful! I love the edging. I love the whole thing!

Taphophile said...

Great cardi, Ginge.

Kate said...

AArgh - that means I have to get mine finished now! I'm sewing up the seams and the lace edging. Did you use their suggested mattress stitch?

Oh and BTW - it looks great on you.

Jejune said...

And there was I thinking how lovely your red curls look :)

Pierre has the look of a mad thing - I wish I could see him 'slip streaming' on Elvis' tail - how hilarious!

And the cardy is just gorgeous - beautiful colours, lace and pattern!

Taueret said...

nice cardi! I like that yarn too, I even used the same colourway. looks lovely.

mehitabel said...

Lovely job--great colourway, too. I wish we could get that yarn here in the States--I came home from Oz the last time with a stash of Cleckheaton that has now been used up--maybe it's time for me to go back, huh? It looks great on you!

Jessica said...

I love this!!!

How many balls of Vintage Hues did you use???