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Sunday, June 17, 2007


Hey everyone, I got my invite to ravelry last week, but only really getting around to playing with it now. Its AWE-SUM!

If your looking for me over there I go by gingernut (no underscore - they wouldn't allow it)

It meant that I had to (finally) learn how to use flickr as well. Needless to say - since I have been playing so much with these new sites my bright socks have become a little stunted.

I took the oppotunity today to snap a FO picture of the striped socks that began my downhill spiral to the 2-circs camp. Originally they were for Dad, but the cuff was a little small. No problem "Mum, would you like some stripey handknit socks?" I think she was hanging out for this offer because these sock have been on a constant feet, laundry basket, washing line cycle since they were finished. I don't think they have once made it into Mum's sock drawer!

I picked up the Lion Brand magic striped for $6.99 a ball at spotlight - again it is the standard 75/25 wool/polyamid blend and feels somewhere between the online and opal 4 and 6 plys (hehe, a 5ply sock yarn??) It was recommended to be knit on 3.5mm needles, but even though I am a tight knitter, it was way too loose for socks. I jumped down to the 3mm and only just got a comfortable pair of womens size 8.5 socks out of the ball. I mean just - there is about 3 yarns of yarn left - kinda makes me feel better I didn't make these for dad because he would have had very cold toes..

Yes, the socks are fraternal twins because I worked one from the inside and one from the outside of the ball. It certainly doesn't worry Mum (she wears them with her ankle boots) and I kinda like the contrast - these are handknit quality, and although different, definately a pair (besides, I may have run out of yarn if I tried to match colour repeats). I have two more balls of this yarn (in different colours) and am very happy with it - considering its about a third of the price of the Opal/Online stuff.

Onto bigger things....

This is the sea-wool yoke sweater so far. Yes, miles of stockinette! This replaced mindless DPN sock knitting for a while and made it too Shrek the Third with me last week - knit, knit, knit in the dark. I was very good and made no annoying clicking noises with my knitpicks! I was worried I was going to end up with something a bit too short, so when I got to the length I thought it needed to be decided I needed to knit for an extra inch or two just so I didn't end up with a ridiculous looking article - same for the ribbing. Now I just need to get the arms the same lenght :S Oh - and the body is a solid black, it has just picked up some Pierre hair.

And speaking P, he has become incredibly fixated with Mum's biiig fishtank. It is quite cute to watch him watch the fishies, flinching when they swim right past his nose!

And finally - just in reply to the comments:-

A photo of my recent, ahem, stash additions is coming.


Doni mentioned that she is offering 10% discount on knitpicks to all bloggers, and will cover postage in June and July for orders over a certain value???? I may have got the details wrong, so don't take my word and get in touch with her if your looking to get some shiny new tools. This is a pretty good deal - Tapestry Craft had (has?) 20% off for their midyear sale, but unless your in Sydney you probably lose the difference with your postage (oh - and they may go via an indirect route, I put in a big order and only half was in stock, they came to me no problem, but when the other half got sent out it went to my old Sydney address - only a 1000 odd miles from where my home is these days. I believe (hope) they are on their way to me now...) Anyway - it's a good chance to help strengthen the knit-blog community!


Donyale said...

Thanks Meg - yup! Free postage for orders over $70.00 for the months of June and July AND 10% discount off for all bloggers ALL THE TIME.

PS - I am SO waiting for my Ravelry invite.....