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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

boo to cadbury

I am rather vexed that Cadbury have repackaged the 'family sized' block of chocolate so it looks the same size but is in fact now only 200g. 

And that Safeway is merchandising these new carboard covered blocks at the end of aisles with the $3.99 in big numbers and bright pink 'new' signs in the candy aisle so people think they are getting something for a good price. 

Of course - I wondered what happened to the old 250g blocks. I found them hanging from a special display in the soft drink aisle on clearance for a dollar less than the new smaller blocks. 

Well done Cadbury - thinking your clientelle such fools that they won't realise that they are getting less of a product for the same price.

Of course - I only buy the Cadbury chocolate when it is on special* - I much rather prefer the Green & Blacks or Lindor Lindt chocolate.

*Me as a chocoholic is like a wino to metholated spirits... when I get desperate just about any cocoa will do...


2paw said...

Haven't seen the chocolate yes, but I am similarly cross about Purina doing the same for The Labradors' dog food. They really do think we are stupid!!!

Kitten With a Whiplash said...

When the size of a product goes up ther is usually a large banner across the package, something like NOW 25% MORE!

I would love to see a law passed that if a the product is reduced in size, the company must announce on the label, in type twice the size of the last time they bragged about an increase.

Mean while the size of a "half-gallon" of ice creamd has dropped from 1.75 to 1.5 quarts for many brands.

Lynne said...

Did you know that Cadbury was voted one of the most trusted companies in Australia in a recent poll by Readers' Digest?

scroll down to Winner - Food