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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

cccxiv - Kate Hudson gets crafty to cut costs at Christmas

hmm.. this article was obviously written by a muggle - everyone knows that these days you don't save any money by knitting.

Sure you get better value by knitting - but saving money? Unless you are re-claiming yarn from op-shops you're not really 'saving' money by knitting. And then wouldn't the bigger story be "Kate Hudson goes bargain trawling at the thrift store"??

I like that when I knit I can spend approx $50 on (somewhat budget) yarn and get a lovely pure wool sweater, made to high standards that completely suits me. But if I really wanted to save money I could buy clothing made in China much cheaper (obviously not made out of the same quality fibre, but it would still perform the function of clothing me and keeping me warm).

Perhaps I should write in and explain the value of knitting.

I can buy a months worth of socks for the price of a really purdy skein of sock yarn - or at least 3 pairs for the cheapest ball of sock yarn. And that's before you add in all the hours labour - even at minimum wage you're looking at looking at about $200 for a single sock...


pigbook1 said...

I have to agree with you, but disagree at the same time. If I consider knitting my hobby then spending the hours that I do on my hobby and then end up with a functional item in the end is MUCH cheaper than spending those same hours driving to a movie theater, watching a movie and driving home. So it just depends on how you look at it I guess :-D

Agatha said...

Piggy - The article linked to is making the case that Kate is knitting to save money on her xmas shopping. Obviously knitting gifts is not a exercise in frugality.
I completely agree that it is a worthwhile hobby, and the value of knitting is incomparably superior to a movie experience, but I highly doubt anyone could argue that it's a really great way to save money.
I've spent more on yarn than I care to account for, and that's not taking into account needles and accessories.

Ginger_nut said...

Hi Pigbook1,

I don't think I explained myself very well - I certainly think that knitting is great value for money - you get many hours of entertain, satisfaction of making something as well as (hopefully) many years of stylish fashion out of a garment. What I object to is that knitting is cheap and undervalued - and that people who choose to knit gifts for Christmas really should be held in higher esteem than those that give consumer driven gifts. The article isn't "Kate Hudson loves her family so much she is willing to devote her time to making them unique and special gifts" - its "Kate Hudson is taking the cheap way out by making gifts". I really find it quite infuriating!